Saturday Sweat Week 4: Arms and Abs Bodyweight Only

kettlebell HIIT

Saturday Sweat Week 3: Kettlebell Killer HIIT

Happy Saturday everyone and welcome back to the Saturday Sweat series! This week’s workout features a kettlebell and will get your entire body burning in just a quick 25 minutes. I love kettlebell workouts for their versatility with just one weight. They are great for workouts anywhere; home or the gym. In fact, I did […] Read more…


How Your Encouragement Can Dramatically Impact Others’ Lives

Motivating Christian Music Workout Playlist

This page contains affiliate links, but I would never recommend something I don’t love and use myself. If you want more information, please visit my disclosure page.  There is nothing like a good playlist to motivate you in your workout. However, I’ve listened to my fair share of music that has a great beat and […] Read more…

banana oat

Flourless Banana Oat Protein Packed Muffins


Saturday Sweat Week 2: HIIT + Strength Bodyweight Workout

Saturday Sweat Week 1: HIIT Full Body Workout with Dumbbells


The #1 Way to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

banana bread

The Best Ever Gluten-Free Banana Bread

Nothing makes my husband happier than when I hold up a few rotten bananas and announce, “It’s time to make banana bread!” Seriously though, I haven’t met many people who don’t love banana bread. It brings back such wonderful memories of my childhood; eagerly waiting for the delicious warm bread to cool on the wrack […] Read more…

budget mexico vacation

10 Ways To Have A Budget Mexico Vacation

This page contains affiliate links, but I would never recommend something I don’t love and use myself. If you want more information, please visit my disclosure page.  Want to travel this year, but need to save money? My husband, Luke, and I went on a blissful 8 day honeymoon from Seattle, WA to Cancun, Mexico […] Read more…

smoothie bowl

Superfood Berry Smoothie Bowl

Summer is right around the corner (YAY), which means a refreshing smoothie bowl, loaded with my favorite summer fruit, berries, has been on my mind. Everybody loves a good refreshing smoothie, so why not make it even better and pour it into a bowl, add your favorite scrumptious toppings, and dig in with a spoon?! […] Read more…


Why “Doing You” Fails to Bring You Happiness

Happiness; a word that holds so much meaning, yet people spend their entire life endlessly searching for anything that will fill them with that warm fuzzy feeling. At times, happiness can be found, but always temporarily, waxing and waning like the moon, never to stay in one place for long. How can one find true everlasting […] Read more…

blueberry lemon

Refreshing Blueberry Lemon Greek Yogurt Bars

Spring has finally arrived and I could not be HAPPIER. I love seasons, but winter tends to last forever here in the beautiful state of Washington. Gray weather and rainy days aren’t my favorite, so I am always overjoyed when the sunshine makes a long awaited appearance. My husband and I have gotten outside for […] Read more…


20 Ways to Show Your Husband Love Today

The Easter Story In Mary’s Eyes

meal planning

Meal Planning Made Simple (Freebies Included)

“While You Were Out Freebie” for Substitute Teachers

I LOVE finding free resources I can use as a teacher in the classroom. As a substitute teacher, it’s always important to come prepared with materials to make your day run as smooth as possible. Read “10 Essentials Every Substitute Teacher Needs in their Sub Bag” to find out which supplies are most detrimental to making your […] Read more…

low fodmap thai peanut chicken zoodles

Low FODMAP Thai Peanut Chicken Zoodles

Thai food… is there anything better in this world? This is a recipe I got from that I’ve adapted to make a low FODMAP, lower in sodium, and lower in fat version of the original recipe. I eat a low FODMAP diet because my stomach can’t properly digest many high FODMAP foods. This original recipe contained honey, onion, […] Read more…

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