Blogging Resources:

These resources are my favorite tools that I currently use for my blog. They have been nothing but helpful and effective for my website or else I would not recommend them to you.

This page contains affiliate links. If you click on these links and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. 

-Pinterest Strategy Ebook:

I can’t recommend enough getting your hands on valuable, worth your time and effort, resources to help grow your blog. Blogging can feel like a total mystery at first and getting traffic to my blog was one of the hardest things I’ve had to endure. It took so much trial and error, and research upon research. When I came across this this Pinterest Strategies ebook, written by Carly at, I couldn’t have been more excited. I had no extra money to spend when I first started blogging, so I couldn’t afford to spend a monthly fee to use Tailwind or Board Booster. The Pinterest method in this ebook doesn’t require using ANY kind of program, it’s just you manually pinning! But without the “fingers crossed I hope people see my pins” method that utterly fails so many of us.

Carly’s Pinterest Strategies ebook shares valuable information about Pinterest in easy to read, digestible “bites”. After reading through the book twice in 1 week, I began implementing all the content presented, and saw instant growth in my traffic from Pinterest. In fact, my traffic has grown by 500% since my purchase of the ebook and I had my first pin go viral, bringing 1,800+ views to a single blog post in 1 day. The best part about the ebook is it taught me how to grow my traffic WITHOUT having to pay for a scheduler. That, to me, was the biggest factor in my decision to purchase the ebook and I’m overjoyed the book delivered what I hoped for. Learn more about the Pinterest Strategies ebook that will explode your traffic and never have to pay for Tailwind or Board Booster again.


I use Sumo to create pop-ups and opt-ins for my email subscribers. Sumo is great because it offers a wide variety of apps you can use all in one wordpress plugin to grow your email list. We all know that the growth and success of your blog lies largely in your email list, so if it’s not a priority yet, I highly advise you make it one now. If you are already well on your way to growing your email list, well done! Sumo will be a great addition to your game plan and can convert your readers into subscribers effortlessly with the apps provided such as the smart bar, pop ups, google analytics to see which posts are performing the best, heat maps, and more. Once I started using Sumo, I gained 100 subscribers within the first WEEK of signing up! All it takes is a few helpful tools from Sumo and you’ll be growing your loyal following in no time. To learn more about Sumo, click here! 


I use Picmonkey Premium to create my pins for Pinterest and my posts. I used to use the free version, but wanted to be able to access all the fonts, and create longer pins that would perform better on Pinterest, which I wasn’t able to continue doing with the free 7 day trial version. Try out PicMonkey here for free with my link!

Isabella Theme:

 I absolutely love my Isabella Theme by Bella Creative and believe its necessary to have a professional looking theme in order for readers to take your blog seriously and be encouraged to stay on your site longer. To buy my Isabella theme, or look into other themes like it, visit Bella Creative.



My blog is hosted through Bluehost, which I highly recommend to anybody who wants to start their own blog. It is one of the most affordable hosting platforms, and the customer service has been nothing but a pleasant experience and 100% helpful. The one time I had an issue, I contacted customer service and within 15 minutes the issue was completely resolved. That is far from the experience I was expecting as most of the time customer service can be a pain. I was so thankful and pleased with my choice to host with Bluehost because of their affordable hosting price and great customer service. Another fantastic quality of Bluehost is they offer you a free domain name just for hosting your blog with them. Domain names usually cost around $15 dollars, so that’s $15 more in your pocket! If you choose to host with Bluehost, you can click the link below to get started.

-Tailwind and Board Booster: 

With the manual pinning method I use from Carly’s Pinterest e-book (see above), I have also incorporated Tailwind and Board Booster to help save time now that I have more of an income from blogging. The manuel method works great for pinning my own pins, but because Pinterest works best when using a 70/30 (other pins to your pins) ratio, I’d have to spend 2-3 hours pinning every day. I use Tailwind and Board Booster to schedule other people’s pins to my different boards and group boards, so I can spend more time blogging and less time pinning all day. That way I pin my own stuff at optimal times, and leave it to Tailwind and Board Booster to pin for me throughout the day. Use my links to sign up today and you’ll receive your first month FREE for both Tailwind AND Boardbooster!

-Blogging To Win Course:

From making your blog look professional, to learning how to create AWESOME content, to effectively growing your traffic and monetizing your blog in a way that won’t fizzle out, this course has it ALL. I completed the course, using all the free printables, watching all the videos thoroughly through several times, and completing the homework and felt like I had that clarity about blogging successfully that I was searching for before I took this course. I HIGHLY recommend this course to both new and seasoned bloggers! Click here to check the course out!

-Amazon Massive Discounts on Opened Box and Used Camera Gear:

I don’t know about you, but as my blog grows and my skills progress with photography, I dream more and more about upgrading my camera gear to keep up with my blog. However, as we all know, camera equipment is expensive. Well, don’t worry friend, I got your back. Amazon has huge deals on opened box and used camera gear for a fraction of the cost that you would spend buying it brand new. Some of the cameras and equipment haven’t even been used yet, they have just been opened, resulting in major discounts and a major score for you and me!
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