Hi! I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Meredith Helm and I am a newly wed, working a new job, while living in a new city.  As a newlywed and recent college graduate, I am learning all about managing finances for a household of two without feeling the weight of “sacrifice”. I don’t want to sacrifice my health, my faith, or my time with my husband (and future children) for the sake of money. My desire is to invest into your frugal and healthy lifestyle journey with financial advice (ways to save and make money), inexpensive recipes, free at-home workouts, health tips, and encouragement for your faith.

The meaning behind the name “Write Your Story” is this: Your life story is up to you. You may not dictate what life throws your way, but how you handle each curveball is completely your choice, and every choice leads to a different outcome. YOU are the only one who can write your story… What will it look like? Will you choose to live in financial debt, leading an unhealthy lifestyle because of a lack of money? Or will you rise above and conquer, using the tools and resources provided to you to make a better life for yourself? If you choose the latter, I’m here to help you, friend.

I am passionate about loving my husband, living frugally, teaching elementary aged children, keeping my body healthy through fitness and healthy eating, and living my life for Christ. These are the kinds of blog topics you will find, so have a look! Don’t forget to leave me a message and introduce yourself, I would love to get to know you and hear YOUR story!